Saturday, September 25, 2010

Of Many Months And The Moon In 18 Minutes

Hello World,

It has been more than just quite sometime that I have not made any new entry in this blog. There are a couple of reasons why but of course, as they say, we are not quite interested in reading reasons. Since my last post was quite a few months back, may be it would be quite decently appropriate if we are to just read quite a bit about the moon. Yes, the moon, as it slides down and moves away with grace and grandeur from the horizon in approximately eighteen minutes.

Since an astronomer that I am not, may be sharing a few images of what I digitally captured of the moon is humble enough I suppose. Below are fifteen plus one images of the lunar beauty on the eighteenth calendar date as it gives way to the more majestic luminance of the sun to flood its light for another twelve hours in the writer's part of the planet earth.

(Date and time watermarked on each image; the last image was shot about almost two hours before all other images)

Among the earlier shots.

No more moon, only the top part of a mountain.

Bonus image


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