Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcoming Myself Home Wildly

Welcome home, myself!

It has been months that this blog have not been updated. The reasons are many, ranging from this to that, to all and sundry. Not that my ideas are gone or there isn't much stuff to blog about but simply, as they say, "take a break", though I personally feel that the break is far too long. Sabbatical leave? None of that because I am not at all in the business of post secondary or  post degree education, which is seemingly the in-thing among peers these days. Whatever so, I would like to honestly tender my apologies to readers and visitors of this blog for not  updating regularly.

For this entry, I am going "wild" with samples of images of "wild catch" using my relatively new Canon camera gadgets. There has been quite a plenty of "wild" shots ever since but to compare my shots with those taken by professional photographers is grossly an affair of an uneven playing field since I am just a plain hobbyist. Then again I consider that as an over statement of myself by myself. Heh...heh...heh...

Am I muttering or what? Never mind, let's go 30 times wild with my "wild catches" below.

A wild couple enjoying their meals

Take a wild break

Wildly beautiful

Back to the wild domesticated cat being chased by a dog

Wildly beautiful

Shots going wild

Six wild birds

Wild sets of eyes probing the surrounding

Reddish wild eyes

Going wild over the papaya

Wild peering

Wild and hungry

Wildly alert

Wild rest

Wild stretch up

Wildly mad fear of being slaughtered

Lantern bug in the wild

Wild and beautiful

Learning to be wild again

Wild sip of nectar

Wild and alert

Young wild

Gorgeous wild

Wild couple sharing meal

Wildly taking their turn

Wild domesticated cat

Wild toad becoming tame

Wildly green

Wild and beautiful

Not so wild any longer.

Wild entries? So be it.


Globalized Dayung said...

Love ur pictures uncle...I have my own blog too....

Jimmy said...

HAHAH nice one, uncle!

ORKED said...

its tells a story beyond the pics..its alive ever after...huhuhuhu