Saturday, November 15, 2014

Revisiting Without Things

Hi World, It has been slightly more than four years that I have not posted anything. I am just writing albeit with noting to see if this blog is still "working". May be in a while I might post something which might be of some meaning. A picture or two maybe, with a landscape view of an early morning or a sunset in the evening; or even a picture of a bird flying. That, my dear friends, is my thought of this revisiting without things. Keep smiling and please stay in shape for anything.


Disambiguation said...

Hey Bro Raya, Welcome back I'm so pleased that you have decided to return - Best wishes Bro Darryl ;o)

Kasia Kanaun @ Raya Ramoh said...

Thanks bro Darryl,
Hopefully there will come some "worthy ideas" to keep this blog alive again.