Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions, Old Habits.

Well, New Year for most of us starts from 01 January. Mine is ten days later, 10 January. And please ignore the slightly erratic date format for 01 and 10 have the same numerals except that they have mirror image. This year though I consider myself to be quite fortunate because my (camera) resolutions are getting bigger from 8+ mega-pixels to 15+ mega-pixels and I think I am very satisfied with that. Still toying and tweaking with my newer gadget though but may be after a few hundred frames more I can proudly say that I am quite an established person behind my own camera compared to who I was with my previous ones. By my own standard, I can humbly say that I am a little bit refined.

Did I say New Year, New Resolutions, Old Habits? Never mind about the New Year because everyone is in it. In this context, I just want to share the products of "my new resolutions" as a results my "old habits". No talking about technicalities though, just the way it is. Like old soldiers, old habits never die. And they are not necassarily destructive too!

Below are the results of my old habits using "my new resolutions". I tag them as The Moment. Hope to post more articles in future if and when my health permits.

The best smile that this gentleman can offer. His beard is what I called "limited edition".

In this part of the world, a dead coral nicely evolves into a practical cigarette ash tray.

The former Pemanca (community head) of the Salako community Mr Mina Kalum narrating the history of the Pueh Longhouse (Bantang Poe).

Believed to be the oldest Salako woman, living in Pueh longhouse, born 1912. Notice tears flowing from her eyes when one of her young relatives from a different village paid her a courtesy call.

This pig, properly secured over night, to be sacrificed for a wedding celebration the following day.

A Salako bride and bridegroom taking center stage to listen to elderly advice and tips of the the "dos and don'ts" of marriage life.

His hair style is quite something to my eyes.

The bride and bridegroom sharing their meal on top of a bronze ware. The Salako termed this Makatn Atas Apar/Makatn Ka Apar.

The scribe applying a facial mask on Christmas Eve. Not so much for a make up do but to have a feel of how and why.

More facial mask do, young and the not so young, all at once, all in a family affair.

A candid shot of the scribe's in-law looking in from a window.

Time stood still sometimes. Batang Kayan River as seen in Kampung Selampit.

Got boat ferry, motorcycle will travel. Crossing the Batang Kayang in Kpg Selampit.

"The Kayan River Cruz" waiting for passengers.

Wait! Don't take his picture, please!

His best facial shot for quite sometime.

A local Salako Mohawk or Trojan?

The sribe posing with an elderly albino during one wedding celebration.

Oooops! Please don't take my picture.


dakbrightside said...

steady kamera barahu.... hehehe

Globalized Dayung said...

Elo Uncle,

Nice pictures

From Dayaung Stenggang
Louisiana, USA

p/s: Guess who I am. The youngest lady on the trip to Pontianak 2008..

Kasia Kanaun @ Raya Ramoh said...

Dear Globalized Dayung,

Thank you for dropping by here.

Ya, I know very well that youngest lady during the Pontianak trip. She is a very pleasant and nicely amicable lady.

I guess you are already back to the US now. Sorry can't meet you during your trip to Sematan last holiday. I was in Kuching then with my family.

Praying for your well being and success all the way. GBU always and take care.

Can contact me at Facebook as Raya Ramoh. Here is the profile link: or you can click to my Facebook link in Salako Bato blog which will bring you directly to my profile page.

Naremang said...

Tabe Sampado unange....
Great pc PKSB.....hahaha enyekng pun dingomboi' auk waktu mam...nice blog.

RWS Photo Blog said...

Nice photos friend

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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