Monday, July 6, 2009

Lundu My Hometown Has An "Amused-man Parked"

Amusement parks can be found anywhere, anytime, and they need not belong to Walt Disney. Many amusement parks provide entertainment continuously but one must pay to enjoy. Other "amused-man parked" are however far and between, in fact very rare. But they do happened anyway whether by chance or by design. Anyone who have encountered this experience must consider themself very lucky, and for that I consider myself one of them.

Amusement park is how it is normally spelt as taught by my English teachers. But for this intent and purpose, I beg to disagree with all of them because "amused-man parked" is how I would spell it. Yes, "amused-man parked" it is. The reason is simply obvious for "the man" is "amused" or amusing (whatever it is) and that he "parked" himself right in the middle of the town center, where heaven is. This though could only be seen and enjoyed by sets of observant eyes and those with "lesser eye sights" would simply not notice.

It was more than a couple of weeks ago that I had this more than a golden opportunity to record this event with my camera, snapping more than a few dozens frames. Moving around discreetly so as not to attract the subject's attention, I managed to positioned myself on all four corners to get my best shots. Below are some of the images which I consider more of an art and entertainment than anything else.

On ordinary days, Lundu Town center is quiet and serene.

And on one of that particular day, there was a man who "parked" himself right in the middle of somewhere, for heaven and hell cares.

Jealously holding his "purified" liquid to enjoy another time.

What is in the bottle I would not know, but judging by the way he holds it, it must be a rare brew indeed.

Balancing and alignment is not like on normal days for this fella after having enjoyed his "purified" liquid.

"No bottle no fun, no bottle no fun..." ( sung to the tune of "No Woman No Fun by Bob Marley & The Wailers)

The future is in front, the bottle is behind.

From a distance...(sung to the tune of a song "From A Distance by Bette Midler)

Whispering and singing the lyrics of "She's So High Above " by Everclear

"And heaven is in the park" or "Here I am parked" (No one has written that lyrics yet)

So I Watch You From Afar (Title of a song or a movie?)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Stephen Spielberg, Lundu version

Specialty bottle which is hard to depart with.

"Sleep The Day Away" guitar tab by Oatmeal Dog

To regain consciousness and balance is a hard thing to do.

"Cold when parked" like a 1989 Buick cars.

A sip or two will make you feel anew.

And I rest my case.

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Pak Udak said...

There's a reason to live.
There's a reason to die.
There's a reason to be sober.
There's a reason to get drunk.

Gold Arawana said...


KACHA said...

I pity this man. It is hard life for him and maybe he is just not so fortunate in his life but... only he knows how he wants to live his life and what he wants in his life. I just hope he is not going to give up too soon.

How we want our life to be?
The choice is at our own hands either we want to live our life to the fullest or we want to live our life to the foolish!

Adeh, aku hargai keridupatn ang aku nikmati kandiak.
Syukur atas mea ang udah ada sarta hargai peluang bila iya atangkn.

Anonymous said...

when u drink,
u got drunk,
when u drunk,
u commit no sin,
when u commit no sin,
u'll go to heaven...
so the "heaven" is there...hahahaha!

arap ampuk koa nahuik blog nyian hehehe...:)


cSon said...

'happy go lucky' guy...hahaha

Foto Set I Like said...

He look able body (for work) but he is one wasted body.

Anonymous said...

He is not a person of disability, but being lazy, he undermined himself. This world is a place of opportunities. There is no place for laziness.

kapten apex 83 said...

mabuk urang koa.... sape ugak la koa..