Monday, January 12, 2009

Lundu, My Home Town Is Flooding, Part 2 (And No Ghost Caught On Camera)

I was really hoping that there would be no need for me to update my previous post about the flood. But alas, the water level is raising again and true to prediction, this time around, the flood water swelled up even more and made worse by the king tide. A consolation though, the weather was relatively fine today, interrupted only by intermittent light rain. Had the rain were like the previous couple of days, the town folks especially the shop owners would have a lot to worry about.

However though, the lowest grounds of the town area were again visited by a larger volume of quite an unnecessary amount of water. While it seemed good to immortalize the event on camera, still the shopkeepers need to move their goods to higher points. Those unaffected like me may enjoy the work of nature as such and so do some curious onlookers including boys and the not so young as manifested in the pictures below.

Luckily, or the reverse of it, this time around there were no more shots of ghostly cycler(s). And in spite of that, today, I managed to take more pictures as compared to yesterday because it did not rain as predicted by the weathermen.

The signboard says Selamat Datang or Welcome. Does that include welcoming heavy rains and floods? That we have to ask folks at the Lundu District Council Office.

Flood or no flood, scavenging must go on.

When the water bloats, the rubbish floats.

Unlike the shopkeepers, these boys are not worried. Even the rising flood level is a sign of peace as shown by one of the boys.

True to wise men saying, water cleanse; and this owner of the only newspaper outlet in town took the opportunity to clean the wall of her shop. By the way, Lundu folks did not read newspapers today as land transportation to Kuching is disconnected due to more heavier floods affecting a number of areas along Kuching-Lundu road.

Sometimes, Lundu town mimics Venice.

The newest bus terminal in town (right, white building) is not yet operational but already the flood gave it a real baptism.

This time around, it is wiser to wear shorts.

Seemingly serene but come a few more hours of heavy down pours this will be in the local media headlines. Today, Lundu Town became the Floating Bazaar of the western corridor of Sarawak.

A happy towkay (shop owner) indeed. It does not matter if his cafe is flooded as long as he is in the picture.

In this part of the world, it is very normal that the advent of a Lunar New Year is preceded by a flood or two.

Two possibilities: Either owners of these vehicles are extremely rich or they have fitted these machines with some kind of a floating mechanism.

Wet markets are always wet markets and boys are always boys.
Adios! Hope to capture no more of these nostalgias in future.


Gold Arawana said...

Good post, Kamaruk..

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Aley ka jaman kenek2 dea nanang Lundu banjir.

Thank you

Kasia Kanaun. said...

Dear Gold Arawana,

Thank you for the visit and comment.

Like you said, yes we do not know each other personally but sooner or later, God willing, we will surely bump on each other.

Yes, you may link this blog to yours if you think it is worthy.

Thank you.

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