Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lundu, My Hometown Is Flooding (And A Ghost Caught On Camera?)

What do we get when king tide and continuous heavy rain for days occur concurrently? A recipe for flood of course. Around this time of the year, low lying areas are very prone to flooding due to the heavy monsoon rain. While (heavy) flood can be bad for the economy and dangerous to lives, the irony is that, to some extent, it can be fun to watch and experience. That just happened in my hometown, Lundu, a few hours ago. If the heavy downpour continues for another day when king tide is at it's highest point, the flood is going to worsen.

Having being told that the town is flooding, I rushed down with my camera ready to take some shots. Below are what I managed to capture before it became dark and started to rain again. If the flood worsens, this will be updated but hopefully that will not happen.

Note: Notice carefully the third picture where there seems to be a shadowy figure cycling. There was never an instant that someone cycling was passing by when the picture was shot and I did not notice it until the picture was uploaded into my computer. At no instance was the picture doctored. It is up to you to believe.

Still passable by heavy vehicles but no car owners would take the risk.

At this stage it may look exciting but should the water level goes up, it will sure cause havoc and can be dangerous.

Honestly, this picture is not doctored. Notice the shadowy figure of a person cycling right in front of my camera. I did not see anyone cycling in front of me when this picture was taken. Whatever it is, I thought it is worth sharing with you readers. Unexplained occurrence(s) do happened when least expected.

Another view from almost the same spot a few minutes later.

Notice at the far end where the river (Batang Kayan) is swelling.

A view of another spot in town.

This shopkeeper, despite his shop being flooded, still managed to smile for the camera.

The Chinese Pagoda at the far end still intact.

The new/est (white building to the right) bus station in town greeting the flood.

Lundu Wet Market is in the real sense of it, "Wet-badly wet!"

The hawkers stall by the riverside under a foot of water. Someone sitting on the table there is on standby in case he needs to move all his goods to a safer place.

One of the more popular food stall in town also affected.


Tiyung Dayak said...

Well, it’s hard to believe that it was a ghost… But logically, who’s going to cycle through the flood, right?

By the way, in your next photo project, do set a time and a date. Who knows, other ghost(s) might also appear in your future photos at noon time… Heh!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I’ve been to Lundu town – way back in 2006! At that time, I was the “State Secretary” – sort of kasia kanaun – witnessing the engagement ceremony lah! Well, it was my routine job every Saturdays – and no time for me to party with my own friends during weekend! Yup, I’ve been to Kampong Stunggang Dayak (is that correct?). Heh… it’s nostalgic, indeed!

Tiyung Dayak said...

Aiyah! My mouse isn't working well! That's why the "Anonymous' comment" has appeared at No. 2 comment! It's mine, actually... Heh!

Anonymous said...

yah weird, there's almst no trace of waves occurance or water pathway that should be there cause by the wheels.. but that's mybe the bike is this old basikal type that have thin wheels and the pathway gone almst immediately leaving almst no trail.. and rumours say that ghost can only be caught wit polaroid camera.. but then again u jst nvr knw wat rly happnd... nang bato..

dakbrightside said...

ana' lalu ba idea aku nanang gambar kita' koa ua'a. bapusing uga' otak dise mikiratn ia. all i know is ghosts are scary. lol...

Anonymous said...

Good posting Bar-gading. Now how did you get Casper the friendly bicycle riding ghost to float on the flood water in Lundu of all places.
Why not send the picture to youtube for more comment, maybe some ghost buster gang can come from USA to debunk the ghostly image....and ofcourse Rundu will be famous throughout the world.
from BabehPonti

Kasia Kanaun. said...

Dear BabehPonti,

I have been longing for your visit and comment all this while. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rundu will someday be famous the world over for whatever reasons, believe me. :-)

Antogatn_Kayar said...

takajut ku nanang gambar koa.. ana' dapat bakata agi jame agik...

misteri dan ajaib..

---e_use@iyus (NS)---

Anonymous said...

Not only this you capture a ghost cycling. On your first picture with the truck, looks like you had snow-flakes raining down in Lundu. Without the flood you could have had a 'White Christmas'.

Classico Berry said...

It's always a pleasure to see or hear something about my hometown (Lundu) when afar...uncle Roban right?! Am now lecturing at Mukah Polytechnic, didn't know you're blogger..just happen to google some info about Lundu and your blog appear! hehehe..what a pleasant surprise! :)