Sunday, December 28, 2008

One Hat, Many Heads, The Same Generous Smiles

Happy and Blessed New Year 2009

A verse of pantun for you all.

Baju biru kasut pun biru,
Pergi membeli ikan gelama,
Tahun baru azam pun baru,
Olah tabiat masih yang lama.

__________Below this line is the original post__________

What would you do if you have a hat (songkok) and a camera while attending a joyous wedding celebration? Probably you would just sit or stand enjoying the food and drinks, or exchanging smiles and chit chats amongst friends and other guests? Or sitting glued to your chair or standing still watching the live performances?

Ask me the same question and this would be my answer. "If I have a hat (songkok) and a camera while attending a joyous wedding celebration, I would offer other guests to wear my hat for a short while and I take their pictures". Yes, that was exactly what I did. Being naughty and amiable (subjectively, if you personally know me, of course) that I am, I managed to persuade other guests to wear my hat (songkok) and then took their pictures. Not that the songkok is that particularly unique or rare or expensive, but for the fun of it, I now dare say that my one and only songkok was donned by so many people, hundreds of them, just in a span of slightly about an hour or so. Young and old have tried my songkok, men, women, ladies and gentlemen. In a few more years, I can proudly tell my grandchildren that "granddad's songkok" is no ordinary songkok. Heh...heh...heh...

If you think I am exaggerating, well, all of these faces below are still breathing good, fresh air (as I post this) and you can ask them for confirmation. Heh...heh...heh...

Young and old, men and women, shy and not-so-shy.

One songkok, different faces, the same generous smiles.

There are no strict rules on how to don this "my one and only songkok".

Some can even close their eyes while wearing it. It does not matter which side of the songkok is front or back. Just wear it with a smile and you will look good.

With my one and only songkok on their heads, "a smile is more than just quite a funny thing".

Open your mouth, close your mouth, side ways, front ways, all can do one. No harm done.

Smile till it reaches your ears, for a smile is a sign of friendship.

The younger generation wearing my one and only songkok.
You can even tell friends and foes via hand phones that this is no ordinary songkok.

Father, son, daughter, friends, strangers all wearing my one and only songkok. No problemo!

Long hair, crew cut hair, skinny or chubby.
All look attractive on their on rights when donning my one and only songkok.

What better ways to enjoy a wedding celebration with my one and only songkok.

No smile is perfect unless you put on my one and only songkok.

With my one and only songkok, even a small celebration is worth a lifetime to remember. Heh...heh...heh...


Biado said...

very creative entry. i wish i was in the list wearing ur unique extraordinary "songkok". heheh.....

Exotic photos from Borneo said...

Great trick

Tiyung Dayak said...

Happy New Year 2009, my friend!

I’m longing to read some of your future articles on how the Bidayuhs or Dayaks could be involved in what they called it as “practical” management, etc.

A new challenge for 2009 blogging, uh?! He he!

Liawati Uret said...

What a meaningful post that you've made. Suitable to show our strong Salakoans friendship bonding.