Saturday, January 3, 2009

My New Year "Resolutions" In Pictures

Hello world. This is my first post for the year 2009. When it comes to new year, everyone is talking about resolutions. New year, new resolutions, (but usually) accompanied by not so new deeds and actions.

Indeed, this new year I really found new resolutions. At first, the resolutions were quite high but was downgraded for obvious reasons; easier and faster uploading. I am talking about the resolutions of my pictures which were shot just yesterday (or last night), depending on which part of the globe you are staying.

You see, I was attending a wedding dinner party of a friend's son. Being confident that there would be many guests of all sorts, like as usual, I brought along my camera, just in case. True indeed, there were many people coming, from near and afar, the rich and the not so rich, the young and the old, male, female and the "neither male nor female". I refer to these group of people the s/he guests. Like everyone else, the s/he guests are just like us except for a certain trait. A he will usually mistook them for a she, for on most occasions, only with their vocal pitch/tone can we really distinguish if they are in a true he or genuine she group. There are no reasons to despise them for they are part of the society.

While taking some shots of guests dancing to the live band, I chanced upon these s/he guests. I ask them politely if I can take their pictures and they happily obliged. Below are the (picture) resolutions that I am talking about.

The s/he guest on the left trying to retrieve something stuck in between (his or her?) teeth after the meal while the other looks on.

Attempting a killer smile for the camera but something is really obvious which makes this s/he easily distinguishable.

Among the six faces seen here, four are s/he-s. The two behind with dark T-shirts are real he-s. Look at the hand gesture of this s/he nearest to the camera.

The fellow squatting in front is a thorough bred he who rushed in front for an opportunity to be in the same picture album as the eight s/he-s. (behind, left to right)

The eight s/he-s (left to right) with their killer pose but some are simply too crude.

I wasn't confused for their voice pitch/tone was similar to mine. A very attractive pose nevertheless.

But of course in a dimly lit environment, any curious thorough bred he looking for a genuine she partner would have to really investigate by making them verbally respond to gestures. Their vocal pitch/tune would normally determine if they are a he, a she or a s/he.

A short pant, a 'killer' smile, will normally do the trick.

Smile! These are really friendly faces and "cute-t-full" too!

Out of these three, only one on the left is a genuine she. The one in the middle is really "cute-t-full". By the look, no one would have thought that he is a s/he.

Readying themselves for the dance floor.

Dancing in and with the crowd. There is no gender discrimination here. Regardless if you are a he, a she or a s/he, are all invited to enjoy the live band.

Come! Come dance your night away for it was not our choice to be born a he, a she or a s/he.


tunabdulrazak said...

I heard they all 'smoke' very well.

Tiyung Dayak said...

I see! You mean the high mega pixel digital camera right? Well, I’m not sure whether you’re using ACDSee v.9 Photo Manager. With that software, you can resize (down to KB sizes) any of graphic files with MB sizes.

I’m yet to check my Picasa lah, not sure if it got “resizing” character.

About the s/hes, well I do respect them. But then, as I’ve noticed in your photos, most of them have small boobs… I wonder why… Heh! What is your advice then, Tunabdulrazak?


dakbrightside said...

not so familiar with the she male. but look like they are very happy do their thing in front of ur camera. hehehe....

small boobs? got big boobs to sell at MJC batu kawa. haha

Exotic photos from Borneo said...


hopefully SB is not going into pimping bizness.