Friday, November 7, 2008

Illegal Logs Confiscated: Bravo Lundu Police!

I was driving home from work yesterday afternoon when I saw something quite unusual happening in front of me. As usual, I got hold of my camera which is usually with me when I am on the move. It was about three kilometers before reaching home, the traffic in front of me was moving cautiously slow. At the far end, I saw a logging truck fully laden with logs. In front of the truck was a blue police van while behind it was a police car. I hurriedly got hold of my camera and below are some of the pictures that I took from a moving vehicle. The truck was escorted to Lundu Police station.

Bravo to the new Lundu Police Chief and his men. Ever since he took over, illegal operators of all sorts are now scared; very, very scared. He is really doing his police job according to the police book without fear or favour. Lundu is now having less and less people selling and buying contraband goods like cigarettes and "cap langkau" (a local liquor - brewed small time in "cottage industries").

And the illegal loggers? Oh yes, they are getting very scared now for this new local Police Chief have on many occasions busted their operations. Again we say "Thank you, sir!". You have done your job very well. If only all police officers are like him...

Below are some of the pictures in order of sequence.

My first shot soon after I got hold of my camera.

Following the 'convoy' slowly and cautiously.

Carefully, carefully! The corner is quite sharp.

Nearer to town now.

On Sungai Lundu Bridge, about 50 meters from the Police Station. Notice the STOP sign still up-right.

Argh! The STOP sign is now gone. The long logs swerved to the left and smash a few signboards when the truck driver tried to negotiate the junction to the right slowly. The truck driver fails his urban driving skill unlike in the jungle where most of the time he outsmarts the authorities.

The plain cloth Police Officer instructing his men of what to do next.

"Follow me, this way to the right, please!" says the the blue Police van.

"Anymore further instructions, sir?" "Nothing else more, but please tell the man without shirt there to wear one because it's very 'hot' outside here." "Aye, aye, sir".

This way pal, this way. Easy does it.

"Me think the logs are stolen from along Lundu-Bau Road over there"

Patience is the other half of faith.

A minor traffic jam. A once in a blue moon happening in Lundu.

OK fella, you are almost in.

Just a little more time. No harm waiting.

Good! A few more feet and you will be in the Police Station.

Now you are half in and still half out.

Oops! Gostan! Gostan! (Reverse, reverse) or you will slam the expensive police gate!

Now you are in. See you in court in a few days.

The STOP sign gone missing. Call Lundu District Council for a new replacement, please!


Exotic photos from Borneo said...

Lundu police should mount this kind of operation frequently.

lonelytribe85 said...

Wah... kitak free lancer bhg lundu? batolah ada urang an nyalamat hutan dirihk dari penceroboh...

pangarah_uma said...

aku nyokong idea penulis blog nyian...jaga lah keindahaan kampung dirik..untuk generasi akan dtg...halau anasir anasir2 jahat,ang maok mengaut keuntungan ka atas tanah aik dirik..maju salakoooo.