Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Orchids Are Blooming Again

I have fallen in love with orchids since I was in my teen for more than a quarter of a century already. My favourite species is the Phalaenopsis Bellina. Back then it was easily available around the foothills and surrounding virgin forest in my village. It is getting rarer now in the wild because it's natural habitat is steadily being destroyed by rampant logging and palm oil planting activities. Phalaenopsis Bellina is locally known as Orkid Lundu because it is very common in Lundu district. The Salako Bidayuh termed it as Kambang Alo.

There are two species; one with elongated leaves and the other rarer and much sought after one with an almost rounded leaves. Due to it's popularity, it was later named as Orkid Normah; after the name one of Sarawak Governor's wife. How conveniently easy huh!

I consider myself a full time orchid hobbyist not because I earned money from them but because the beauty of orchids make me really appreciate the wonders of creation and the beauty of nature. In orchids I find serenity and peace. Full time hobbyist I say because ever since I fell in love with orchids, there is not a day that I will not take at least five minutes "communicating" and tendering them unless I am not at home.

During my early years with orchids, I met with a lot of failures on how to plant and nurture them successfully. Slowly, after learning from other orchid hobbyists and through reading books and on-line articles, there is now quite a bit I can share about orchids amongst other wannabe orchid hobbyists. By my own measure, comparing myself then and now, I consider myself as a much refined orchid hobbyist thanks to my patience that goes with it.

I have a few dozen orchid plants which are now mostly matured and in bloom. Yes, what a satisfaction after so many years of "trials and tribulations" with planting orchids.

Below are some pictures of my orchids in bloom if readers may appreciate them.

This is my bulbopyllum claptonence; this one is taken from the wild of Kapit, given to me by my brother-in-law.

My Phalaenopsis Stuartana (?)

Phalaenopsis philippinense.

This is not an orchid at all. They call it Bunga Tali Kasut locally but I remember an elderly naming it Bunga Ekor Tikus. Argh...whatever...!

Vanda __?__

Dendrobium hybrid.

Another Dendrobium hybrid.

Phalaenopsis gigantea?

Phalaenopsis bastianii

Also a hybrid of Phalaenopsis.

Yet another Phalaenopsis hybrid.

Another Phalaenopsis hybrid.

I don't know which orchid genera/species this one belongs to. It is terrestrial.

Para Phalaenopsis.

Another one of the Phalaenopsis hybrid

This one, my jewel. Phalaenopsis Bellina aka Orkid Lundu aka Orkid Normah. The Salako Bidayuh calls it Kambang Alo.

Another Phalaenopsis hybrid.

One of my Catelleya.

Yet another Catelleya species.


MayLin :: Melinda said...

bato unang bah orchid ngu..

Exotic photos from Borneo said...

great collection with details including the species.

RWS Photo said...

Your phal bellina is fabulous. It should be from Lundu. The gigantea is also great but seems to be from Indonesia,selikin.
Lundu orchid should be protected because the native species is becoming rare.
If you have some to spare, please kindly let me know.
from Palm Yeo, Miri.