Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our trip to the Equator. (Part 5 of 6)

Date: 03 October 2008 (Final day)

Again the day started with a breakfast in the cafe. For those who are not worried about dieting, this was the time I saw them sampling anything available and as much as their appetite can handle.

The bus was ready to take us to the Khatulistiwa. The wheel chair was unpacked and it was I who was the first to sit on it while "the two professional photographers" and others took shots at the OKU just to make sure that their cameras are in good working order for the day. Then we took group photos at the entrance of the hotel. Soon we are up and away.

The plan was slightly altered. Our priority of the day was to make a courtesy visit upon the Governor of Kalimantan Barat, Bapak Drs. Cornelis, MH; himself a Dayak. However, since he left for Jakarta to attend to more urgent matters, the plan was shelved. Quite frustrated but it was OK for we understood his nature of office.

As we reached the Khatulistiwa, we again freely took pictures. The Khatulistiwa is a landmark of imaginary line which separates the Southern from the Northern Hemisphere. Nature greeted us mysteriously there as there was a Sun Halo happening right above us. I am not superstitious but I suspect there might be something "tak berapa sedap" ahead of us. True to my inner "SMS", on our journey back home, one of the rear tyre of our bus exploded. After a short while, the other bus that was behind us went with all lighting and air conditioning system malfunctioned. It had to tail our bus going without any lighting at all.

Straight from the Khatulistiwa, we stopped by a roadside "toko menjual air lidah buaya" (aloevera) to satisfy our curiosity. For most of us, that would be our first time sampling fresh "crocodile tongue water" (as I called it). The species here and here that they have there is much broader and larger than what we usually have in our flower pots. And we also took our turn to PU.

All done, we went back to our hotel to check out after which we must first have lunch and visit a hospital.

What happened after lunch, find out in the final post. Remember ICT-ed? Redline, better watch out!!! One of these almost got you ICT-ed.

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