Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our trip to the Equator. (Part 6 of 6)

Date: 3rd October 2008 (Final day)

Yes, lunch again back at Betang. This time though, the big shots from SDNU were not with us. They must have had a more important event to attend to I supposed. The menu was not dissimilar to what we had here yesterday but hungry stomachs are usually not choosy. During lunch, we mixed around some more and most of our hosts are ordinary folks who out of curiosity and the feeling of brotherhood joint in. But who cares about that, after all we are brethens only separated by different flags.

Then a short session of photo taking. I reckoned almost everyone there wanted to be included; whether in big or smaller group. Our two "professional photographers" are busy again. But not less busier to my so-so opinion was the writer. Here was one incident when one of the "professional photographers" got a little "mesmerized" after taking a few shots with a certain particular host that he left behind his pouch containing his travel and other important documents. Luckily a good Samaritan amongst the host quickly returned that belonging when we were already in the moving bus.

Asked what happened, someone answered for him that we was being ICT-ed or some sort by that photography session partner. To him ICT may mean Internet and Communication Technology but to me ICT on that particular incidence definitely means "Ibu Cantik Tunggal". Can't blame him for that particular ICT because she really was an eye catcher. What a fun seeing the ICT director being ICT-ed.

And so we reached the hospital. Rumah Sakit St Anthonius is Catholic Church owned. There we were given a very warm welcome. This time Redline switched personality to become the President of BGA (of course he is). The Director of the hospital was there to welcome our entourage and Mr William Nyigor, President of BGA was the hospital director's lead and honored guest. The rest of us ikut belakang to a Conference Room where we were served with hot refreshment. The beautiful nurses and other hospital staff were there too to greet us. Wow, what a sight to see those wonderful nurses in their uniforms. If I had been a quarter of a century younger, siapa tahu apa yang akan berlaku setelah itu!

Our entourage were briefed on the hospital's history, administration and facilities by it's director (citation needed). In his return speech, BGA President, Mr William Nyigor humbly appreciated their warm welcome.

The main purpose of the visit was to hand over a wheel chair to the hospital as a symbol and token of humility and friendship on the part of BGA. Children books written in Bidayuh we also donated. After that event, we were brought to tour the hospital facilities. At the end of the tour, we made an ad hoc cash donation campaign for the hospital which ended up to be a "hat-full" and was quickly handed to it's director.

Why the senior members of SDNU were not with BGA on that very meaningful occasion is quite perplexing, at least from the writer's point of view.

Adil Ka' Talino, Bacuramin Ka' Saruga, Basengat Ka' Jubata.

End Notes
Towards the end of the homeward journey, the President of BGA thanked everyone who participated in the trip. However, he acknowledged that there were minor glitches and hope that the participants were not disheartened. He made a promise that there would be better organised similar trips in future.

  • Thank you mista president for inviting me to participate in the trip for I am neither a DBNA or BGA member. Inspite of all those, he recognised my Bidayuhness and I felt humbly honoured. And to all those participating Jabbers (old and new Bitong), thank you for telorating my jokes and humor. Brethrens we are!

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