Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our trip to the Equator. (Part 4 of 6)

Date: 2nd October 2008 (The 2nd day)
Time: 7.15 pm (WIB) onwards.
Venue: Hotel Kapuas Cafe.

I went out of my room to the cafe being one of the most casually dressed, the way I like best. Some others were in their batik but most were traditionally attired (not "cawat", please) looking like princes and princesses. The Bidayuh females all looked sparkling and they were all winners.

Amongst the male Bidayuhs, wonderboyz was the most elaborately costumed complete with "Dayakised" head gear laced with beads and other ornamentals he had just purchased during daylight at Betang. He looked so regal that without any hesitation I took the initiative to "install him as the Sultan of Pontianak, Kapuas Hotel branch" for the night. He obliged willingly and his smile was all over.

As usual, Redline and kutieng were strapped to their cameras though they looked more like Bidayuh princess in their costumes rather than those "wanna be reporters". Laughing I was not to be outdone by these two "professional photographers" with their canggih cameras. To compensate my lacking, I went around to sake hands with everyone in attendance showering them with my smiles and gestures of friendships. Smile (I need not be a politician/YB to shake hands and say hello otherwise I will never be able to because I will never be a politician).

Our guests at dinner were our hosts at Betang just a few hours before. When dinner started, we were entertained by the resident karaoke singers whom to my ears sing better than many Malaysian singers.

During makan, we were still malu-malu kusing. But soon after, I saw the "Sultan of Pontianak, Kapuas Hotel branch" was itching for something. I know he has a nice voice for I have heard him once at a function in my area back in Lundu. He got his chances, sang a couple or two and it was fantastic. Then Redline joined the fray with duet/triplet (I can't remember exactly) with our guests. So went a few others trying their talents at the microphone.

Me? No, thank you. I don't sing because I can't. I did what I do best; cheer leading and taking pictures, too!

Dancing? Oh yes, I can if I want to. So that night I joget a little bit just to ignite the spark. While at that, I was prying around trying to get MBSY get activated. Alas, this friend was always by the side of his lovely one.

Beer anyone? I saw around me fellows sparsely charged themselves with a glass or two. Did I say sparsely? But after a certain while, the bartenders refused to take their orders. Not because they can't pay in rupiahs or the danger getting overdosed but simply they went out of stock on beer. Seldom do I hear a hotel running out of stock on beer. Laughing Laughing Laughing

When time was up, we left the place for our rooms. We dismissed at around 1.15 AM and our Indonesian friends at around 0.15 AM; all together at the same time for their time was one hour behind ours.

And waiting for daylight. This was when some of us got ICT-ed.

(To be continued)

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