Monday, February 9, 2009

H2O Is Water In English, Air In Malay, Ai' In Salako

H2O is the physical properties of water. In Malay water is air and please do not confuse this with the English word, air. In Salako (my language/dialect) water is ai'. I do not intend to lecture readers what water is because kita semua tahu apa itu air. Kita' am pane kata Salako pun nahui' amia ratie ai' koa. Are you English speakers confused? Need not be because all the sentences in Malay and Salako means exactly the same even if it is written in Swahili or Esperanto language.

Musim landas both in Sarawak Malay and Salako means monsoon season. In our part of the world musim landas occurs in the months of November up till February. This is the time when it rains cats and dogs almost every other day. What is raining cats and dogs if you are not familiar English phrases and you ask? Well, the phrase simply means raining heavily.

But I am not so concerned with language terminologies. You can learn that from somewhere else. In this entry I just want to share with you some pictures of rain water gushing out from a (broken, unattended) gutter, one morning sometime ago in my work place. The different shades of the pictures are the results of them being shot using different camera modes. The only editing done to these pictures are by adding watermarks and downsizing. Otherwise, all you see are as original as they can be. Hope you like them.