Friday, February 13, 2009


Below are basic details both in English and Malay.

Venue: All along Lundu-Biawak Road
Tempat: Sepanjang Jalan Lundu-Biawak

Time: During dry seasons from mid February till October without fail annually.
Masa: Sepanjang musim kemarau dari pertengahan Februari hingga Oktober.

Eligibility: All those living along Lundu-Biawak Road and those who sympathize with them.
Kelayakan: Semua yang tinggal di sepanjang Jalan Lundu-Biawak dan mereka yang bersimpati.

Accessories and equipments NOT needed: Face masks, protective eye goggles, air-conditioned vehicles.
Paralatan dan kelengkapan yang TIDAK diperlukan: Sarung muka, cermin mata keselamatan, kenderaan berhawa dingin

Warning: Elderlies, infants, babies and those with breathing difficulties may participate but at their own risk.

Amaran: Orang-orang tua, bayi, kanak-kanak serta mereka yang mengidap masalah pernafasan boleh turut serta tetapi risiko ditanggung sendiri.

Additional information:
This festival began in the year 1972 when the grave(l) road built by the Malaysian Armed Forces was commissioned for use. It has been an annual event since then but not much was publicized due to information difficulty. It is worthy to note that though many well knowns have experienced this extravaganza, all seemed to be satisfied that this lengthy, health bashing annual event should be held in low profile. Additional important info about this festival can be found here and here.

Maklumat tambahan:
Pesta ini telah bermula sejak tahun 1972 apabila jalan berbatu yang dibina oleh Angkatan Tentera Malaysia mula digunakan. Sejak dari itu pesta ini telah menjadi acara tahunan sehingga sekarang ini tetapi tidak banyak yang dihebahkan kerana masalah maklumat. Amat penting diketahui bahawa walaupun telah ramai juga orang-orang tersohor yang mengetahui dan mengalami pesta melanyak kesihatan ini, mereka nampak semacam selesa jika pestapora tahunan ini dilangsungkan secara senyap-senyap sahaja. Maklumat tambahan penting berkenaan dengan pesta ini boleh diperolehi di sini dan di sini.

Below are some sample pictures of what participants are sure to expect during the festival. It must be kindly reminded that these pictures are taken not during the peak season. So, brace yourself!

Di bawah adalah beberapa gambar contoh tentang apa yang pasti para peserta alami semasa pesta. Harus diingatkan bahawa gambar-gambar tersebut bukanlah diambil semasa musim kemuncak pesta tersebut. Jadi, bersedialah!

This man, probably a teacher coming back from school is disqualified because he uses a face mask and protective eye goggles.

The two motorcyclists are also disqualified because they used the NOT NEEDED accessories but the dog is amazed by their looks.

This woman here is exempted from any rules of the festival because she only uses a towel to protect her face from dust. And afterall, her house is only a few meters from the road side so all her family members big and small, young and old, have been feasting on dusts all these years.

This scene is very, very common for the last 37 years.

Both drivers (and I) showing our skills negotiating this extra ordinary route.

Some suggest that this route must be kept this way so that Paris-Dakar Rally could be moved to Malaysia instead.

This is just February and the heavy haze has already started here. During the months of June till September, those who could afford night vision goggles will be able to enjoy more of this festival.

It's fun driving a sharp corner when you can create a trail of heavy dusts.

This local boy here should be awarded the winner for being so rugged. This highway is already here before his mother was even born. Appropriately/Tentunya Malaysia Boleh!

This is another government servant coming back from work. Imagine every early in the morning being covered with dusts going to work.

Malaysia kita sudah merdeka, aman makmur bahagia, Malaysia abadi selamanya, berjaya dan berjaya.... (Forgot the lyrics of the song already)

Fun isn't it? The boy, the lorry and the car.

There nothing wrong with my camera. Watch carefully there is a vehicle and a man walking. Boy, this is just exciting.

A boy cycling back from school. Earlier on before this shot he was no where to be seen "hiding" in the dust when a huge lorry passes by.

Driving with your head light switched on here is an added safety precaution but not compulsory.

Another teacher coming back from school. Heavily dressed and he might not be eligible to participate in future Dust Breathing Festival.

Imagine if a convoy of a dozen lorries passing by. That would bring greater meaning to this festival.

I thought this picture was the result of my camera malfunctioning but when carefully checked, thank God it wasn't. Just a case of the road playing hide and seek when a huge lorry passes by.


dakbrightside said...

whoa.... sad festival.... huhu

Tiyung Dayak said...

Wahlau weh… that reminds me of a song by Saleem – “Suci dalam debu”…

I just heard a story from a friend of mine (a mixed Selako-Jagoi guy) this morning. I guess that you and others have heard it well before me! This friend of mine has told us about his Selako grandma, who is made famous because of that dirt road! Only she can stopped a YB from further “preaching” his ideology as it was late in the afternoon and this grandma was hungry at that time. This grandma questioned the YB on why the dirt road is still in the same old state, as she’s “dreadful” or “yearn” for it as she’s getting older – day by day! The YB was stunned and couldn’t reply to her quest. Yup, the YB was there to perform his “almsgiving” duty to the elders.

Anonymous said...

nice picture's... the people there are amazing..they're been feasting with the same old dust since Gos knows when.

tunabdulrazak said...

Najis should have been here.

fred 'dust'... said...

oowww!! i've been there... i bet even the F1 guys can't drive as good as the the driver who drive on the raod everyday. they practically driving blind...

Antogatn_Kayar said...

dah ayagak litar rally dah au' da'.
gambar hide n seek koa.. fuhh.. memang cun ktk mare ia nama.. ana' gari' mea-mea bah..

Tbsbidayuh said...

Its remind me on Padawan Road few years ago.

Gold Arawana said...

Ha ha. The number 2 photo is funny with deep meaning.

Kasih' he ba.... Ka samananjung maraga dah batingkat-tingkat. Ka Sarawak maraga masih jai'ya.

45 tahun merdeka + sengsara daam Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Dah musim kemarau au dirikh kandiak.

Sad story, w/p dah rami Ministries ampatdi Sarawak daam kabinet koa, tapi damea la karaja'atn kabant ea koa? Jaji patung jak ke... untuk memenuhi kuota sabab di Sarawak BN ang paling manyak manang daam pilihanraya ari koa ke?

Malaysia mao jaji negara membangun tapi ang membangun adalah neida Semenanjung Malaysia ajak. Dirikh ka Sarawak nyian masih agik ketingga'atn daam pembangunan prasara moden yg diwar2kan oleh pihak kerajaan.

Universal Bidayuh said...

Why don't we use the "Tabung Kemanusiaan Palestin" to build a new road? Malaysia Government "sibuk" to collect the money from "rakyat" to donate to their's relatives in Palestine, why don't the money colleted is used in the way of development in the country especially Sarawak? Everyday RTM and TV3 promote "Dermalah untuk saudara kita di Palestin", itu adalah saudara mereka, bukan saudara saya, saya tidak mahu derma...

Shekel Mossad said...

I was there last week, rallying along the biawak road., and I hereby confirmed that the situation is the same. This is a good place to get instant "White Hair" ... can look like Tok Uban himself.

While there I noticed that the area has alot of ladang ladang kelapa sawit. If those higher up used their Kapala the money from Kelapa sawit can do wonders for the road.

AB. Ronny said...

Sebuah pesta yang pasti tidak disukai banyak orang.