Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not All Of Us Are Lucky: A Helping Hand From SSVP Lundu Conference

We grumbled and complaint a lot. Yes, we the luckier ones are very charitable and generous when it comes to grumbling and complaining. We freely grumbled just because of some slight temporary discomfort or minor shortcomings. We complain when food served to us does not taste that good. We grumbled why our income is never enough even though we are adequately remunerated or compensated. We complain why it rains when we thought the sun should be shining. We grumbled about this, we complain about that, never ever satisfied with what we have.

For the unfortunate few, complaining and grumbling is a luxury. Not that they never did so, but to them, grumbling, complaining and self pity is seldom heard by us the more fortunate ones. As if by design, our ears are out of range to the pitch made by the blind, the deaf, the sick and the destitute. Our eyes are as if blindfolded to the sight of these fellow humankind. They are everywhere as we are, yet most of us do not care to even acknowledge that they are in our midst.

At least, however, there are a number of organizations and individuals that care for these fellow unfortunate souls. One of them is The Society of St Vincent De Paul or SSVP in short. SSVP is a worldwide charity organization under the auspices of the Catholic Church. SSVP Lundu Conference (branch) was established a couple of years ago whose main noble objective is to render assistance to the hardcore poor irrespective of skin colour and religious beliefs. SSVP Lundu Conference has been operating behind fanfare for the last couple of years in it's effort to bring some comfort to the unfortunate few within it's jurisdiction and capacity.

It was on the evening of December 12th, 2008, that SSVP Lundu Conference organised a gathering to host it's adoptees. The silent event was held at the Lundu Catholic Centre where some token were distributed apart from the monthly allowances that the adoptees were given. In all, there are about thirty individuals (mostly from whole families) who are now recipients of SSVP's helping hand.

Below are some memorable pictures of the simple yet humble activities that was held that evening.

This blind elderly woman pondering what lies ahead in her life.

These adoptees listening attentively to a brief speech by one of the SSVP member.

Mother pondering the future of his young son who is suffering from leukemia.

Daughter, mother and father standing attentively while being introduced to others attending the family gathering.

This adoptee lost lost her husband due to sickness.

Mother with a mentally retarded son. Mother's facial expression tells a lot about her sufferings.

Elderly blind mother (middle) with blind son and daughter-in-law (light green T-shirt)

Her face shows it all. Mother with three of her many young children. Her husband was killed by a huge falling tree while he was preparing his farm to plant padi.

This young gentleman is unstable upstairs.

Two blind relatives enjoying food served at the gathering.

A young gentleman suffering from leukemia (left) sitting next to a friend who is mentally retarded enjoying food together.

Enjoying their food. A moment of gesture of little smiles and temporary relief and ease.

A minder giving a helping hand to an elderly blind lady washing her hand.

Blind elderly woman with blind nephew (middle) and blind son (white shirt) in one row.

Some token for a young man suffering from leukemia (right).

Distributing packets of rice to the adoptees.

This cute young boy does not yet know the meaning of suffering.

Three young children posing with a lady. These children lost their father in a farming accident.

Being guided on their out of the hall by an SSVP member (red T-Shirt) on their way back home after the gathering.

Two minders holding the hands of an elderly blind woman out of the hall for home.


tunabdulrazak said...

After browsing through, tak nyaman lagi nak berkaraoke. Harus ingat mereka ini.
Thanks for reminding. GBU.

Exotic photos from Borneo said...

Thank you for sharing.

Sebak hati juga bila baca artikel ni.

tsunami said...

tunabdulrazak, agreed. i stopped or very very minimized years ago. That is for singing over a can only.

Nice photos buddy. reminds of my long, long lost longhouse.

Blessed the dayaks.

Tbsbidayuh said...

This reminded me on Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus is a beggar and waiting for a piece of food drop down from the rich's table. After Lazarus die God lifted him to be with Isaac and Abraham. Then the rich man die and thrown into the fire for looking down of Lazarus and abandoned him.

I am inspired by your pictures. Indeed, there are many more to help but there nothing much I can do at Ulu Padawan area. There are my sick elders, children, malnutrition and hardcore poverty. Politic cannot do much but Church is the answer for every human questions.

Good to have this posting in your blog and britong.

Tiyung Dayak said...

I always admire the good work done by SSVP and its members. I wish that I could join the society at our local church next time – God willing! Right now I couldn’t help much as I live and work in a faraway land.

My friend, if SSVP Lundu is going to have another fund raising program, just let me know by email at (jeksen dot mangan et jimel dot kom). I’m willing to make a small contribution in the future. But then, I would like to remain anonymous, except for “Mr. Jackson Mangan and his tiyung dayak fruits” (Matthew 6: 1-6).

Keep up the good work and may our good Lord JC bless SSVP, its members and our unfortunate brethrens.

Have a Blessed New Year 2009!