Friday, December 12, 2008

No Pain, No Gain. A Steely Courageous Young Man Of Honour And Dignity

"Life is hard", so they say. And yes it is. To earn a living is harder still. Yet many of us take life for granted especially those young adult sons and daughters who have been living with silver spoons. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy the riches of our motherland in the way we wish it to be. A great many toiled from sunrise to sunset , rain or shine, just to bring home a meager to feed their mouths and fulfill the basic needs of their loved ones. Some, however chose to beg while others, especially the healthier ones, just felt unashamedly at ease living with their hands tied to charity when in fact they do not need any assistance of that sorts.

It was some months ago that I chance upon this young man doing some rehabilitation work on a government owned dwelling house. He was simply a different breed of a young man worthy of due admiration, respect and emulation . For many, just a slight flu would render them "bedridden" for at least a couple of days. But not this young man, for he is a man of steel and dignity. Not even a broken limb (hand) heavily cast in the plaster of Paris would deter him from earning a decent living.

His face doesn't show the slightest inkling for the need of any sympathy when I got quite close to take a few shots of him in action. Out of my sheer admiration for this young man's steely guts, I was so dumbfounded that I could not even remember to ask for his name or where he came from. All I managed to utter was telling him that I have taken his pictures from afar and again asking him for a permission to take a few more pictures this time from quite reasonably close. He humbly agreed by responding with a polite smile and a single convincing nod. Deep in my heart I hope and pray that this young stranger will someday be a successful man in his endeavors.

From a distance of about fifty meters. He hasn't realized that I am taking his pictures.

Still not aware of me taking his pictures. He keeps on drilling even if the pain is very chilling.

Look at that! Handling a heavy duty hand drill single handedly.

A real man that he is. A plastered hand on his right thigh and his left hand on the drill.

This is from quite a close distance after I told him that I am taking his pictures.

"My hand may be broken, but not my will and courage", is what I bet he is thinking.

Not many young men have the guts to emulate him. May God bless this young Dayak.

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