Sunday, November 16, 2008

Many Bus Stops But No Bus Stops

Yes, there are many Bus Stops along Lundu-Sematan/Lundu-Biawak roads. The irony is, I have not seen any 'bus that stops' to pick up and drop passengers along these routes since many, many moons ago. I have lost count already but it has been years. I suspect this phenomenon is common all throughout the Kuching Division and Sarawak as a whole.

Let us see below some of the different makes and models of the almost countless Bus Stops along Lundu-Sematan Road both public and "privately owned and constructed". Please tolerate and make do with the poor quality of the pictures because they are shot from a moving vehicle. (Click on pictures to view larger images).

This make, amongst the earliest model in town.

This one, another different model, right at the junction leading to the house of an important personality in Lundu.

This one, privately owned.

This one, public owned, amongst the later model in town.

Another privately owned. Section of the roof gone missing may be due to the recent high wind.

Here we may see invisible passengers waiting for invisible buses.

Two privately owned Bus Stops erected adjacent to each other. The owners were quite frustrated because year 2009 budget does not include fund for repairing and renovating privately owned Bus Stops.

Yes, this one sits on a more opulent housing estate.

Another Bust Stop of a different quite recent model with invisible passengers waiting for invisible buses.

Another two privately owned Bus Stops built by different consultants and contractors standing next to each other.

Two fellows waiting to auction their durians to some good bidders.

This Bus Stop whose owner must have migrated for greener pasture or his My Card must have been returned to the Registration Department for he may no longer exist.

The Leaning Bus Stop of Lundu-Sematan Road. Notice the two support beams to prevent it from collapsing.

Two badly decapitated privately owned Bus Stops. The owners must have grumbled badly on why Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat did not disburse any fund for them to repair their assets.

This one, roofs blown off probably during the recent thunder storm. Also privately owned.

Mixed zone. One public, one private. Only one lady and her durians waiting for customers. The bus will never come and stop not even until the cows come home.

Quite regal looking public Bus Stop. But no bus stops. Behind stands a traditional hut made of sago atap and of raw wood.

This privately owned Bus Stop is the most recent in town and quite colourful too.

The BERHENTI (STOP) sign says it all. Bus service has "berhenti-ed" since long, long time ago; towards the final years of the last century to be exact. Some folks vent their displeasure by desecrating the sign.

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SamihkSalako said...

most of the bus stop become "teen stop center" during night and most of them doing "negative thing"... drunk and gambling... sad but true...