Sunday, January 14, 2007

Greetings to all; especially the Salako Bidayuh and Salako speakers.

Hello all,

This blog is especially dedicated to all Salako Bidayuh (Dayaks), all Kanayatn Dayaks, all Badamea Dayaks, all Banana' Dayaks, all Baahe Dayaks, and all speakers of these dialects/languages, both in Malaysia and Indonesia or anywhere in the world.

The daunting aim of this blog is to promote the use of the Salako dialect/language, culture and traditions. The Salako community sits under the Bidayuh race, also known as the Land Dayaks/Dyaks. Salako dialect/language is worryingly 'endangered' due to the influence of the widely used Sarawak Malay and Bahasa Malaysia; even in homes of the native speakers where both parents are Salako. It is feared that if nothing is done about it, the Salako tongue will be a relic in the not too distant future.

At present, there is no standard form of writing/spelling in Salako. As Salako language is very close, in fact almost similar to the Malay language, it is suggested that Salako spelling system should emulate the current way the Malay language is written.

There are currently not more than twenty thousands Salakos on the Malaysian side of Borneo. The Salako community live along the Lundu-Biawak and Lundu-Sematan roads; in the Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. They are generally laboriously self subsistence in the agricultural sector, while quite a substantial number earn their living as government servants and working with the private sectors.

In trying to fulfill the aims of the establishment of this blog, it is preferred that posts in here should be especially in Salako, or it's sisterly variant of Badamea, Kanayatn, Banana' or the Ba'ahe Dayaks. Where and if unavoidable, Malay and English would be acceptable. Topics presented and discussed would be general but the blog's owner shall have the right to edit or delete comments considered to be sensitive and unethical.

Koa. Mudahan kita' dingin sajok, raya ramoh, batape baroatn, bariringan, ana' babadi, ana' baidap.

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