Tuesday, September 15, 2009

While Waiting, Again! This Time In Total Darkness With Little Pride And Much Disgust

I repeat, many folks despise waiting. This time I know very well why; not that previously I did not understand, but just that I pretended to have a little sampling of patience. Not that I have no tolerance or love for all kinds of waiting though, but on this particular kind of waiting I must tell the world that I like it not a bit. You see, how long can I wait to have nights that have no blackouts? Of course nights are dark you might argue, but if that is the case, then we might as well have electricity just to compliment the brightness of daylight. At night, all go natural with darkness as designed by nature and that would be fair enough.

But what if we hear, see and read everyday that this motherland is rich and bountiful and blessed and is developing while at the same time almost every night we experience blackouts? I can think of a few answers to that. Below are some.
  • People are telling the truth which are applicable to some sections of the populace depending on their geographical location while the same truth is in fact a lie to some others.
  • That we in this part of the country did not hear any announcements or read notices that there will be surprise blackouts at undisclosed hours.
  • That they think we are all stupid (but have night vision goggles) and we deserve to have blackouts as frequent as possible, never mind if that would wreck havoc to our schedules and our electrical appliances.
  • That this is Nuits de l'une Malaisie of the future. (Is my French correct?)
  • The rest of the answers I keep to myself or/and it's better to have it said in deafening silence.

As a consolation though, below are some pictures of blackouts on three consecutive nights in our part of the world. I took images of some un-heavenly source of distant lights. Of course we paid our electricity bills regularly you know. Note the time stamp carefully on each pictures and readers be rest assured that my camera clock is set exactly to UTC/GMT +8. Again I say, of course we regularly pay our electrical bills.

Date and time as stamped. With a little lighting from a battery powered lamp.

Do not be mistaken, it is not an image of a moon or any heavenly planet but that of a faint source of light from a neighboring house some 200 meters away.

The same source of light, not that the moon is split into two but a shadow effect of a wire mesh.

Not a Holy Cross but looks like one. A shadow effect of wire mesh.

Another illusion of the "moon" horizontally split into two.

These are not eyes of giants but headlights of vehicles from quite a distance. The two white lights is the same as in the previous two only that the camera shook when the image was taken.

Still people are trying to have fun even in the dark by having fireworks. Luckily Raya Puasa is approaching otherwise shouts of anger and disgust would be in-lieu of that on ordinary blackout nights.

Of late, the frequency of blackouts in Lundu would be on average half the number of days in a month if my basic arithmetic serves me correctly.

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Maratak Atek said...

Maybe all the electricity went to power the new state assembly building.