Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To My Eyes They Are Beautiful

Most of us go far and yonder to search for and enjoy something beautiful, especially that of nature. In effect, beauty can be found almost anytime and anywhere, more often than not during "ordinary" time and at "common" places. If we care to be observant enough, beauty as they say, "lies on the eyes of the beholder". But of course not all sets of eyes are "beholden to beauty" until someone or something struck them "bull eyes".

Below are two sets of pictures of a minute mushroom and a sparrow, which to many unobservant eyes are just "ordinary day gone byes" kind of sight. There's not much to explain except for an invitation to view these "capsuled" beauty in the form of still pictures below. To my eyes they are beautiful.


RWS Photo Blog said...

More photos of Fungi

Lonelytribe85 said...

Burung pipit nyian de'e paling repo di panah. Tp bla masuk daamp gambar + pane ngagok angle and taknik shot lalu nampak cantik. Hehe... nice work!