Monday, March 23, 2009

Westerners From Gunung Gading Flying To The Land Below The Wind: Part 1

Westerners from Gunung Gading? Who are these people? Are they Caucasians? Do they have (natural) blond hairs and blue eyes?

Well, Gunung Gading is in Lundu District, situated at almost the western tip of the State of Sarawak (Land Of The Hornbills), Malaysia. Relative to the State of Sabah (Land Below The Wind), we, the people of their neighboring state consider ourselves as their westerners, more so if we are from the western part of Sarawak. Of course we are not Caucasians and we don't have (natural) blond hair and blue eyes (unless we are albinos). For all intent and purpose, we have more similarities than there are differences but we are their westerners nevertheless. And westerners need not be Caucasians with fair skin, blond hairs and blue eyes contrary to the "established notion of old". Heh...heh...

It was from the 15th to 19th March, 2009 that we, the westerners made our chapter of Visit Malaysia or "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" to Sabah, a trip organized and led by our Parish Priest. Our ho(s)tel of choice was the Lampe's Square, Stella Marris Catholic Church, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Of course this lodge is not advertised in any tour magazines for it is only a church hostel, not a commercial one.

An avid amateur photgrapher that I am, my (Canon) camera is undoubtedly my "first wife" whenever I am on the move such as this. During the four day trip, I manage to capture slighty more than 4000 images, more than half of them shot from a moving bus. Below are some of the images that I took.

These westerners from Gunung Gading anxiously waiting for their flight.

Our ho(s)tel of choice.

Lampe's Square, Stella Maris Catholic Church, Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu.

Our adorable tour guide, Mr Geoffrey Jitiol

Our trustworthy tour bus driver throughout the four days trip.

Our amicable Parish Priest (standing, white trunk/shirt) is not giving us his sermon but a head count, just in case any 'sheep' got lost.

A view of Mt Kinabalu from a moving bus on our way to Ranau.

Me before crossing the famous Tamparuli Bridge. (Jambatan Tamparuli)

The moon waiting for our arrival in Tamparuli Town. (8.55 AM)

Sungai Tamparuli/Tamparuli River as seen from the Jambatan.

These westerners posing for my camera in Nabalu Town.
Situated at the foot of Mt Kinabalu, this town is famous for a viewing site of the mountain itself.

Our Parish Priest with Mr Andy and family.

A non Caucasian westerner with two Caucasian Westerners with Anak Kinabalu as their background.

One of the many souvenir shops at Pekan Nabalu.

Wild orchid at Pekan Nabalu.

These westerners trying their hands on the gongs.

Signs such as this is a trademark in Sabah.

A unique concrete retention wall by the roadside.

My son, our Parish Priest and Pn Siti in Poring.

A young father and his son posing.

Entrance to Poring Hot Spring. Poring (in Kadazan) is a species of bamboo. In Salako (my dialect),it is called pareng.

First time that my camera captured subject like this.

One for the album at Poring Hot Spring.

The Canopy Walk high above.

The oldest (and most joyous) in our group taking a breather and teasing his wife (hidden by signboard).

Waiting for their turn at the Canopy Walk.

My co-cameraman taking the canopy walk. (Highest point is +-180ft above ground).

Dear son shows his dad how to tackle a Canopy Walk.

And daddy (with knees shivering heavily) pretending that he is not afraid of height.

A view of how high the Canopy Walk is.

Dear daughter is not to be outdone.

Was there, done that!

An aerial ant hill at Poring.

Giant fern, a very common view in the highlands of Sabah. (Shot from a moving bus)

Another perculiarity of Sabah are the blank signboards. (Shot from a moving bus).

Cows having their "dinner" by the road side on our way back from Poring.
(Shot from a moving bus).

A brief stop at Kundasang.

Bare mountains/hills like this is very common in Sabah. (Shot from a moving bus).

Orchids for the eyes at Kundasang.

Another unique retention wall found along Sabah mountainous roads.
(Shot from a moving bus).

A lucky view of Mt Kinabalu on a way back from Poring Hot Spring, Ranau.

Twin waterfalls at the foothill of Mt Kinabalu. (Shot from a moving bus).

Breathtaking sunset greeting us. (Shot from a moving bus)

Sort of a silhouette of a bridge at sunset during our journey back to our hostel.
(Shot from a moving bus)

By the time we reached Kota Kinabalu, it was already dark.
(Shot from a moving bus).

To view more images, please click here. Additional pics will be gradually added.


Anonymous said...

Quote "These westerners posing for my camera in Nabalu Town. Situated at the foot of Mt Kinabalu, this town is famous as a viewing site of the mountain itself."

Wow! Beautiful view. From the photo i can see few familiar t shirt at left, husband & wife at right and few more...

Thanks for sharing

Kamang JR

Exotic photos from Borneo said...

patut lama you tidak bersuara di britong. padahal you pergi sabah cari sumandak

Anonymous said...

Interesting... nice shots of Mount Kinabalu.

tunabdulrazak said...

Recession affect bill board advertisement too.